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Our Cider Press

We press our cider on a Boomer & Boschert 48″ x 48″ four-screw press. This press, circa 1890s, was made in Syracuse, NY, and was originally used at a water-powered cider mill in Pennsylvania. We acquired the press in 2006, and have made significant renovations to meticulously and authentically restore it. The press is line-shaft driven and is currently powered by an electric motor. Visitors can watch all the steps of the cider production process, and will be intrigued by the noisy series of conveyor belts, gears, and drive belts used to move the apples through the process of being washed, ground, spread, pressed, UV treated, and bottled to produce farm fresh delicious sweet apple cider.

This historical machinery is one of the last operating four-screw cider presses in New York State. It is designed to press more than 1,000 gallons of cider per day, using 25 bushels of apples to make about 75 gallons of cider per press. During our annual Fall Harvest Celebration, we offer cider pressing demonstrations, complete with explanation and audience participation, on weekend days from 10am–4pm.

This engineering marvel helps us produce enough of our wonderful apple juice for use in our ciders, hard ciders, and beers.

Apple Cider

In the fall, we produce plenty of our delicious fresh sweet apple cider using our own orchard apples. Our cider is fresh in season, and only available for sale during the fall. We treat the cider with a UV light for your safety, but do not add any preservatives; therefore, this special treat is only offered when freshly pressed. During the season you can purchase fresh sweet cider in the Cider Mill, Gift Shop, Cafe, or Tasting Room.

Hard Ciders

Our award-winning hard ciders are all made from a base of farm fresh sweet cider. We use apples grown on our farm and pressed in the traditional style on our rare antique rack and cloth press, on view right in our cidery. After pressing, the apple juice is fermented, aged, then blended with either maple syrup, honey or fruit juice. Our ciders, ranging from dry to sweet, and sparkling to lightly carbonated, include something for everyone.

As a farm, our celebrations, activities, and hours change by the season and day of the week. Learn what’s happening now and year round.

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