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Fresh from our orchard

We began planting our first apple trees in spring of 2005, and had our first harvest in September of 2007. Our pick your own orchard now includes more than 2,000 dwarf apple trees on about 4.5 acres of land. We grow Cortland, Empire, Macoun, several Macintosh varieties, Gala, Liberty and Honey Crisp apples. We also have a separate cider apple orchard where we grow about 2,000 trees on 3.5 acres. This orchard includes about fourteen different varieties of speciality apples used specifically in hard cider. 

We are proud to use many of our own delicious apple varieties in our ciders, hard ciders, and for flavoring select beers in our brewery. 

Apple Season 

Apple season at Critz Farms typically starts in mid-September and lasts through mid-October, but please check below for actual picking days/times.

During the week, stop into the gift shop to purchase your picking bags in advance and get directions to the orchard. On weekdays, you will be able to drive or walk out to the orchard. On Saturdays and Sundays, you can purchase your picking bags from our staff under the tent in front of the barn, and you can walk or enjoy a wagon ride to the orchard.

We will be selling the apples by volume rather than weight in order to eliminate the step of weighing your apples. Prices are the same for all apple varieties, so you can mix and match. 

¼ peck $4.00; ½ peck $7.00; peck $12; half bushel $23.

If you visit during the week, there is no admission fee if you simply want to pick apples and do not want to participate in any fall activities. On the weekends, however, all visitors require an admission ticket, and unfortunately, for logistical reasons, it is not possible to come and pick apples without the admission ticket.

Pre-Picked Apples

In season we offer fresh, locally grown pre-picked apples for sale. Some varieties come from our own orchard, while others come from our fellow growers in Apple Valley. Hand-select apples from our large crates, and feel free to mix and match from the varieties available each week. Pre-picked apples are priced and sold by bag size (1/4 peck, 1/2 peck, and 1 peck). Prices are the same for pick your own and freshly pre-picked apples.

Apple Guide:

Fresh Eating Baking Sauces


Juicy, slightly tart, great for baking. Slice for use in salads and cheese plates. Stays fresh-looking longer.


Juicy, red, crunchy, and sweet. Will keep for several months. Use for eating/salads, sauce, baking, pies, or freezing.


Slightly tart, tender, and juicy. Perfect for juice and cider. Can add to pie filling, sauces, cakes, breads and cookies.


Juicy, mild, and sweet. Eat fresh, add to salads, or cook. Excellent for creating sauce, pies, and baking.


Crisp, juicy, honey-sweet and tart flavor. Delicious eating apples. Good for baking and applesauce.


Sweet-tart, hints of strawberry and spices. Harder, crisper than Macs. Wonderful for eating, good for culinary use.

As a farm, our celebrations, activities, and hours change by the season and day of the week. Learn what’s happening now and year round.

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